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Category: Pippo P4.XS submersible pumps + Caprari MC4 motors

Pippo electric pumps & Caprari motors - Sale and Support

This series is made up of the Caprari MC4 submersible motors and the Pippo P4.XS submersible pumps. The combination makes a product of superb technical quality, reliable and efficient. 
Caprari submersible motors offer excellent performance. They are able to work also on a 24-hour basis
 maintaining high efficiency. This kind of product is very easy to install and mantain.
The operating characteristics are guaranteed according to the ISO 9906 GRADE 2.

The hydraulics is composed of stainless steel heads and anti-sand floating impellers, made up of heat resistant plastics which allow the pump to rotate freely even in the absence of liquid or with aggressive and/or abrasive waters.


Max flow rate 24 cm/h .
Indipendent floating impellers.
No axial load on the motor.
Designed to resist sand and to run dry for intermittent periods.
Practical locking system for easy control.
Max sand content: 330 g/m3.


This pumps are very efficient especially if they are installed with the Drycontrol V230 or Drycontrol V400 electrical panels;
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