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Category: Pippo - P4.XS submersible pumps + Lowara motors

P4.XS submersible electric pumps branded Pippo with Lowara 4OS motors - Sale and Support


This series are made of the P4.XS Pippo pumps and  4OS Lowara motors.
We combined the high efficiency of the Pippo's sand floating impellers and the robustness and the solidity of the Lowara 4OS motors.

Pippo P4.XS pumps are compact and stainless. They represent technically advanced, reliable and durable products.
The impellers are made with the heat resistant engineering plastics, which allow the pump to rotate even the temporary absence of water.

These pumps are very efficient when assembled with the Drycontrol V230 or Drycontrol V400 electric control panels. 


• Max flow rate: 24 cu.m/h .
• Indipendent floating impellers.
• No axial load on the motor.
• Dry running for a short time does not damage the pump (accidental causes)
• Practical locking system§: easy check
•Sand content: 185 g/m3 - Max sand content: 330 g/m3.
•150 ml is the maximum depth of immersion for Lowara's motors.
•Starts: maximum 20/h.
•Tolerance of energy parameters: 10%.


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