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Category: Lift stations kit - Kitbox500 SL MULTI - max twelve dwellings - two pumps

Underground Systems for domestic sewage and wastewater handling - Two submersible pumps with sliding device, alarms and tank of 500 liters


The following sewage lift pump systems with two submersible pumps are designed by Pippohydro to provide quick and practical solutions for our customers.


Main Characteristics:

-Tank of 500 liters designed for use with two pumps

-Sliding devices

-Two submersible sewage pumps

-Anti-flow valve to prevent the return of sewer to the tank



-Acoustic/luminous alarms indicating an abnormal rise in the wastewater 

-Emergency discharge via manual pump

-Disconnecting valves at the outlet of the system



-The pumps are easy to assemble.
-The health criteria are respected.
-The damages resulting from fouling on the floats decrease.
-They report malfunctions.


Recommended dwelling units: max 12

How water lifting system works?
Information about sewer pumping stations
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