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Category: Lift stations kit - Kitbox270 MULTI SL - max five dwellings - one pump

Underground Systems for 5 dwellings for residential sewage and wastewater handling - Sub pump (WITHOUT  float), sliding device, alarms and tank of 270 liters 


The sewage pumps are created to pump residential, household sewage or blackwater to an elevated septic tank or to a city sewer. This category contains suitable KIT solutions designed by Pippohydro, when wastewater must be delivered and gravity drainage is not possible.



Kitbox270 pumping station is equipped with a Lowara SingleboxPlus tankwith a capacity of 270 litres and sliding device. This lift station is an ideal solution for waste water that must be delivered to sewer mains located at a higher level.



Installation is quick and easy.



Kit contents:

-Lowara SINGLEBOX PLUS 270 tank
-submersible pump
-check valves
-alarm kit
-connector kit
-manual pump
-disconnecting valves at the outlet of the system


You can select a complete kit or reset the quantity of each products, to suit your needs.




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