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CBC- Presses, Pipe threader, Pipe benders 

CBC was founded in 1966. It was born as an artisan company manufacturing zootechnical tools. 
After few years, the factory started to produce items for the hydraulic and mechanical field: here are the first threading machines mod. 114, 392, and 394.
In 1980 CBC began the pipe benders production from manual models for copper (P22/A and OB85/S) up to the most recent and sophisticated 3-phases pipe bending machine with digital programmation mod. UNI70/C, for bending all pipes type, with possibility of bending with or without mandrel system.
In a short time it started the expansion which brought the company to the actual industrial dimensions. It became Pippohydro partner.
Specialised in the planning and design, thanks to an efficient and qualified technical department and its modern technologies, CBC is actually able to supply machines and tools for the satisfaction of anyone working with pipes. 
The production extends to the other system such as welding of PVC pipes, metal cutting, pressfittings, treading machines meeting the favour and exigencies of operators of different fields: 
hydraulic, nautical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, industry ans planting. 
The reasons of this success is the great experience, the quality and after-sales service that CBC always offers to its customers and which have made of CBC a referent of guarantee and reliability on the market.

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Aquamax- descaling pumps

Another partner-company of Pippohydro is Aquamax. This company was born in 1995, thanks to the meeting between a young businessman, and a technician with a passion for water treatment products.

Research and Development characterized its image since its dawn. 
The descaling pumps are used to break down the calcium salts present in the water.
Due to the increase of temperature, calcium salts present in the water precipitate and they are deposited on metal surfaces of pipes, coils and heat exchanger systems, resulting in decreased flow and thermal performance. To avoid the situation above mentioned and to restore the normal condition it is necessary to proceed with a descaling with the right equipment. The PROMAX 20 is a vertical axis pump suitable for these purposes (coils boilers and heat exchangers). Its adaptability, flexibility, ease of use and high performance make this product the most sought after by the technicians
prezzo piu basso per pompe disincrostanti aquamax
The SUPAFLUSH pump is developped for flushing central heating systems to resolve circulation and boiler noise problems caused by accumulations of sludge, corrosion deposits and scale. 
The pump is able to work to a maximum head of 2 bar and efficiently clean up to 20 radiators. Working fluid temperatureup to 50°C - 55°C. Characteristics: multifunction isolation/dump valves with protective plate and 90° rotating fresh water inlet tap; carring bag with shoulder strap to contain hosesfunnel and selection of various fittings. 
Optional trolley with large diameter “Stair” wheels and handle that can be tilted up wards.

EVOLUTION SERIES: the new way to devise descaling pumps. All the pumps in the EVOLUTION series are fitted with a special hermetic cap (AQUAMAX Patent Pending) in shockproof and anticorrosive plastic with the function of hermetically sealing the pump to prevent exhalation of chemical substances that cause corrosion to metallic materials (means of transport, equipment, laboratories, etc.). Furthermore the cap contains all pipes and cables making the pump compact and easier to handle and transport. All the pumps in the EVOLUTION series are fitted with the new POWERFLUX flow inverter. 
Power, safety and reliability without comparison.


GMC - Hammer drill

Global Machinery Company (GMC) is committed to delivering innovative and exceptionally cool power tool products. Established in Australia in 1997, GMC is now at the forefront of the power tool market.
With an extensive range manufactured using high grade materials, GMC provides products at low prices but with a two year "no cost to the consumer" warranty.
Available on Pippohydro.com:
prezzo trapano confronta con bosch
SDSHD550550W SDS Plus Hammer Drill:
360° side handle for maximum control;
13mm keyless chuck for rapid bit changes;
Trigger switch with variable speed;
Hammer action selector;
Reverse selection lever;
Lock-on button.
MRHD 1500:


Airmec & Marina - Speroni group

SPERONI S.P.A. history of ongoing expansion started in 1946.
The Speroni's high pressure washer are divided in:
prezzo piu basso per idropulitrici ad acqua fredda speroni marina airmec
1)Hobby high pressure washer:  CB100 - CB130 - ID140 - ID170.
2)Professional and electric high pressure washer: MD6/100 - MD8/120 - TM150 - TM186/11 - TM220/13/.
3)Combustion-engine high pressure washer: LD9/150 - LD18/248 (gasoline motors), HD18/248 (disel motor).

Pressure washers manufactured by Speroni are professional and safe, thanks to the use of modern technology and high quality materials . Speroni offers a full range of cold water pressure washers . The main element that constitutes the pressure washer is the high pressure pump of the linear type.

No-cost support for our customers.



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