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Category: Arven - Three-phase submersible drainage pumps

400 Vac professional three-phase submersible pumps for drainage - Sale & Support

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The three-phase submersible drainage pumps are designed to handle raw sewage that is fed from underground gravity pipelines.

They are used in:

Residential and Civil applications: like condominiums, time-share, accommodations or small communities.
Construction industry: for example to dispose water in flooded areas.
Industry: for the drainage of water with granular and abrasive substances in suspension.
Agricultural applications: in wells, in tanks or irrigation plants.


Three phase Arven range:
1) Turbo 
vertical submersible multistage pumps for for irrigation purposes and industrial applications
2) Regal submersible pumps for sandy wastewater.

3) Dumper submersible pumps for wastewater drainage.
4) Kontract submersible electric pumps for drainage.

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