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Category: Anti-limescale magnetic filter - polyphosphate dosing

 scioglicalcare magnetico anticalcare professionale dosatori polifosfati vendita e offerte pippohydro

Anti-scale magnetic treatment & polyphosphate salts doser

Domestic equipment for anti-corrosion & anti-scaling treatment of drinking waters.

In the waters are dissolved calcium and magnesium ions. These hard salts arise immediately when the water is overheated, and by binding together they form what is commonly called limestone. Limestone is harmful to health.

But it is also dangerous for the plumbing: The pipes shrink; the electrical resistances, the heat exchangers and the cooling apparatus become encrusted; the faucets will damaged, and the sanitary ware tarnish.

On Pippohydro we offer the best equipment to combat these phenomena.

Also worthy of note is the polyphosphate dosing system. It covers the hydraulic system with a non-stick coating and it prevents the deposit of limestone in the pipes.

About the hardness of water
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