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Category: Speroni - Electric sewage & drainage pumps

Speroni sewage and drainage submersible pumps - Sale & Support

elettropompe sommergibili speroni per fognature e acque sporche acque nere

High efficiency, professional submersible pumps made in Italy.

Sub sewage pumps for dirty and waste waters branded Speroni for domestic, industrial and agricultural applications. Available in single-phase 230Vac and three-phase 400Vac power supplies. They are designed for pumping for dirty waters with solid and particularly fibrous particles waste waters. Speroni also produces robust submersible high-tech grinder pumps.

Available sewage pumps with cast iron single-blade impeller or vortex impeller.

Some information about sewer pumping stations

Speroni complete range     Schemes for sewer systems

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