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Category: Surface electric pumps

Electric pumps for domestic, industrial, handicraft and farming needs - Sale and Support

Pippohydro.com sales the best surface electric pumps on the market. It offers a complete range of pumps for residential, agriculture and industrial applications. Suitable for water supply, irrigation systems, water boosting, water purification plant and much more. 
Pippohydro's pumps are from very professional companies, like Caprari, Dab, Lowara, Leporis, Ebara, Espa, Pentiar Water, Euromatic and Speroni. It will guide you during the pre and post purchase services.

Home kits complete with electric pump, fittings, valves and accessories

Home, residences and irrigation best sellers.
Silent multistage electric pumps

SMARTPUMP automatic pump

3HM Lowara silent multistage pump's range
 RGM Speroni 
 silent multistage pump's range




Domestic best seller

Residence and irrigation solutions.
Self-priming silent multistage electric pumps

Domestic, irrigation and
residence best sellers.

Self-priming surface pumps


Aspri 15 Espa range


 BGM Lowara range

SMARTPUMP automatic sufrace pumps


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                   elettropompe         listino prezzi pompe acqua per autoclave abbinamento a presscontrol speroni euromatic         pompa sommersa da pozzo Leporis a prezzi economici      elettropompa acqua autoclave casa aumentare la pressione dell acqua   caprari pompe


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