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Category: Dab - High flow electric pumps

eletropompa per ricircolo acqua sanitaria in impianti publici e industria condizionamento riscaldamento

Dab circulators single (CME CM-GE) and twin (DCME-DCM-GE) versions - Sale & Support


In-line port circulators, suitable for heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and sanitary water systems in general. Very versatile thanks to the use of the  inverter, offering performance features capable of automatically adapting to the different needs of the pump, keeping a consistent differential pressure.
These circulation pumps save power by keeping pump consumption to the minimum levels strictly necessary to meet user requirements.

Available in the single and twin versions.

Liquid temperature range: -10 °C to +140 °C depending of the model.
Operating range: from 1,2 to 360 m3/h with head up to 34 metres.
Working pressure: 16 bar.

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