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Category: Dab - Twin-impeller electric pumps in cast iron

Elettropompe Bigiranti Dab K 70:80 per uso domestico, civile e industriale, professionale
Elettropompe di superficie Bigiranti Dab K 35.40 Elettropompe di superficie Bigiranti Dab K45:55 Elettropompe di superficie Bigiranti Dab K35:90  Elettropompe di superficie Bigiranti Dab K 70:80
elettropompe pompe di superficie bigiranti in ghisa Dab al miglior prezzo       

The Dab horizontal twin-impeller pumps in cast iron are characterized by robustness and efficiency. These pumps can work in heavy duty applications.
Twin-impeller centrifugal pump designed for the realisation of booster units in water systems. They are also widely used in domestic and residential applications (like condominiums, timeshares, tourist centers), and in irrigation systems or in greenhouses. 

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