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Category: Speroni - Multistage surface pumps

pompe silenziose per l acqua di casa riempimento serbatoio acqua in pressione su impianto idrico

Horizontal multi-impeller water pumps - Sale & Support

Speroni elettropompe pompe multistadio silenziose autoadescante CAM75 monoblocco per irrigazione a scorrimento nel terreno per acque sporche



Silent and professional horizontal multistage electric pumps branded Speroni. These pumps are very efficient and silent running. They are ideal in domestic applications, but also for small sprinkler irrigations and car washing systems. These centrifugal multistage pumps allow high pressure and a high water lift with a clearly low power consumption.

Availabe also the silent multistage RGM cast iron version.


How to choose the water system for home


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