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Category: Variable-frequency drive (VFD) for pumps

Variable speed inverter drives for electric pumps - Sale & Support

inverter per elettropompe pompe acqua per approvvigionamento idrico irrigazione agricoltura uso industrialePressurization with variable frequency drives

The inverter drive (often called Variable Speed Drive (VSD), frequency controller, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) or speed controller) is an electronic device that changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). The inverters for electric pumps operate in frequency modulation by regulating the revolutions of the motor pump according to the real water withdrawal. The pumps vary its speed to mantaining the pressure constant.

Without the inverter drive, the pump will either be at full speed, or switched off. Consequently, it is easy to find out that the variable speed drive has prominent energy saving capacity.

The Inverter drives on Pippohydro.com are made following the ERP READY directive on energy saving. They are suitable in agricultural, industrial, civili and residential applications.


Best sellers:
Varipower inverter drives for 230 single-phase water pumps 
SpeedMatic Coelbo frequency controllers
Speedmatic 101110 with double output voltage 1x230 - 3x230
Speedbox wall variable speed system
Sirio Entry XP 2 14 Ampere variable frequency drives
Varipower inverter with simple programming


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