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Submersible pumps and submersible motors for wells - Sale and Support

Pumps of the best brands with the best prices. Quality materials and energy saving.

We are pleased to offer you the widest range of submersible pumps for wells on the market.
Our range of  pumps for wells and cisterns, includes the most important brands with the best prices on the web. We sell only submersible pumps that ensure quality and reliability. We guarantee technical assistance. Our customer service will guide you before, during and after the sale. We will give you the best advice possible to find the right solution for your need.

We have a wide range of submersible pumps branded Caprari, Espa , Lowara , Dab , Speroni , Lebas , Ebara , BBC , Euromatic, and  X-Power
Pumps for deep well, for domestic uses or irrigation systems and water supply.


Professional devices
The submersible electric pumps of 3'', 4'', 5'', 6'', 8'', 10'' for wells, are usually
 rigidly coupled to the submersible motor. For this reason they are called monoblok. The monoblok submersible pumps with suction from below are suitable for water lifting from wells and for the use in tanks or citerns.

The monoblock submersible pumps, also called close-coupled submersible electric pumps are designed for domestic, industrial and agricultural applications. They are very professional and suitable for the use with clear water with small amounts of sand.


The new range X-Power submersible pumps, now available online! The X-POWER range includes sand-resistant eco-friendly submersible pumps,(450gr./m3), suitable for deep wells in domestic, agricultural, industrial applications, gardening and irrigation systems!

The P4.XS submersible pumps are fitted with special anti-sand and heat-resistant floating impellers which allow the sub pump to operate with sand (up to 350 g / m.cube) or without  water.

These pumps ca be coupled with the single-phase Drycontrol V230 and the three-phase Drycontrol V400  electrical control panels.
The P4.XS hydraulics is entirely made of AISI 316L stainless steel. 


If your need is to use a sub pump to compose an autoclave system: the ideal pumps are the self-cooling monoblock pumps, combined with presscontrol or inverter. If you look for submersible pumps for dirty water and sewage with suspended solids, you should visit our section of waste water and sewage pumps.



pompe sommerse per pozzi elettropompe sommerse caprari al miglior prezzo per casa, per pozzi, per cisterne                 pompe immersione dab per pozzi al miglior prezzo per cisterne, per casa, per pozzi                elettropompe a immersione espa per pozzi cisterne al miglior prezzo spedizione gratis in Italia e all estero                pompe sommerse per pozzi cisterne lowara al miglior prezzo in Italia e all estero                 pompe sommerse antisabbia Euromatic al miglior prezzo



pompe a immersione per pozzi profondi speroni a miglior prezzo          pompe sommerse per pozzi profondi ebara  prezzi economici         sommerse per pozzi profondi pompe antisabbia BBC al miglior prezzo         pompe sommerse antisabbia Euromatic al miglior prezzo         pompa sommersa da pozzo Lebas a prezzi economici




Lifting systems -
Kit with electric pump,
fittings, valves and accessories

Home best sellers
Multiple-users and small irrigation systems
Self-cooled monobloc electric pumps

Lowara  Scuba line
Ebara Idrogo line
BBC SR line
Dab Pulsar line


Best sellers for agricultural applications

and small irrigation systems

Submersible pumps motor/pump

Best sellers for agricultural applications 

and aqueduct/water main

 X-POWER  submersible pumps


Lowara GS+4OS line
X-POWER+MX4 line
Caprari E4XED + MC line
Ebara 4WN line






Guide for the selection of a well submersible pump
Damages and possible problems in water systems 
How to pressurize a small artificial lake?

Single-phase submersible pump components with inverter
Single-phase submersible pump components with presscontrol
Single-phase submersible pump components with tank/vessel (transducer)
Galvanic currents and submersible pumps



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