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Category: X-Power - Submersible electric motors

X-POWER Submersible motors for pumps (nema 4" - nema 6")

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Below we present the highly efficient eco-friendly submersible motor branded X-Power.

The X-Power submersible motors are characterized by great standard, optimum operating performance, reliability and ease of installation


Currently the X-Power range includes 4" submersible motors and 6" submersible motors. They have standard connections; they are compatible with the best brands of submersible pumps on the market.


High sand proof suitability
Max temperature: 40 °C
Clean water operation
Flanging: NEMA 4" NEMA 6"


X-power also produces 4 " and 6" submersible pumps.
Each X-Power product is created to achieve the highest levels of functionality.

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