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Category: Speroni - Submersible close-coupled electric Pumps

Sale and service - Speroni close-coupled self-cooled submersible pumps

pompa silenziosa per serbatoio

Applications: Domestic and industrial use, gardening and agriculture

The submersible electric pumps branded Speroni find application in domestic, farming and industrial fields. These pumps stand out for their high performance and smooth running.
They represent a professional product covered by a best warranty. These monoblock electric pumps are often used in pressure groups.

The Speroni submersible pumps are widely used in small irrigation systems, gardening in greenhouses and wells; They are increasingly used instead of surface electric pumps: They can be installed directly immersed into water tanks with a Presscontrol.

Applications: drilled wells, water storage tanks, water pressure boosting systems , irrigation.



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