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Category: Lowara GS + 4OS

Lowara - Submersible pumps and motors - Sale and Support
prezzo migliore per tutta la gamma di pompe sommerse lowara gs offerta su tutte le potenze elettriche

elettropompa sommersa da pozzo prezzo 2gs11 prezzo pompa sommersa 1,5 hp 2 hp 3hp 6gs30 12gs22 16gs30  pompa da pozzo lowara

GS & 4OS - Electric, submersible, centrifugal, multistage pump.

This submersible pump is formed from a 4" motor of the 4OS line and of a GS sub pump.
Pippohydro offers you the integral pump but also motor and hydraulics uncoupled.

This kind of submersible pump for 4" deep wells is  in AISI 304 stainless steel, and it is apt for clean waters.
The special designthe floating impellers and the delivery pipe ensure the best efficiency and durability.
pompa sommersa da pozzo lowara i migliori prezzi di vendita e pronta consegna disponibili su pippohydro
Lowara was among the first companies to:
- Favour the use of stainless steel in casting for the construction of the supports and many others details;
- Use the pumping system with floating impellers and a particularly resistant motor;
- Decrease the internal spaces of friction into the submersible pump: it was possible by shortening the speakers between an impeller and the other , replacing them with stainless steel plates .

This result presented considerable advantages :
1 ) Decrease in overall dimensions;
2 ) Increased resistance to abrasion;
3 ) Tightening the entire block impellers  (avoids many problems to the starting of submersible pump);
4 ) Increased durability.

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