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Category: Lowara - 4OS submersible motors

Submersible motors - Sale & Service

produzione motori sommersi Lowaralowara centri assistenza autorizzata c.a.t. in italia

motore sommerso per pompa lowara caprari dab speroni grundfos felsom motore universale

4OS - The special materials guarantee great performance and hight quality. The submersible motors branded Lowara can replace motors branded Caprari, Dab, BBC, Speroni or Pedrollo.

They are charcterized by high efficiency, great reliability and long lasting design.


Main Features:
Pumped liquid Temperature: to 35 °C
Max. immersion depth: 150 m
Shaft extension and coupling dimensions to NEMA standards
Protection class: IP68
Max. 30 starts for hour at regular intervals
Mechanical seal protected by sand guard
Easy to install
Rewindable stator
Power supply cable with extractable connector

Available Lowara versions: 1x230 single-phase motors3x400 three-phase and 3x230 three-phase

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