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Category: Lowara - Sub grinder sewage pumps

Lowara submersible grinder pumps for waste water - Sale & Service

rivenditore ufficiale assistenza tecnica lowara logistica garanzia su pompe a immersione acque sporche lowara

elettropompe sommerse lowara per fognature


Submersible electric pumps for dirty and waste waters. The grinder pumps in stainless steel are very durable and perfect to destroy filamentous solidsThese electric water pumps branded Lowara are very professional thanks to their special impellers.

The DOMO GRI series electric pumps are equipped with an extremely efficient and highly reliable grinder system that cuts solids in sewage into smaller bits.

These sub pumps are suitable for domestic, civil and residential applications.


-single-phase with pre-assembled float switch for automatic pump operation. 
-single-phase without float switch





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