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Category: Lowara - LNTE twins in-line pumps - 4poles

pompa in ghisa lowara girante in acciaio inox aisi 316 (stainless steel)

Twin pump - Sale and support

Lowara in-line pumps LNTE 4 Poles 1450 rpm.

These centrifugal inline circulating pumps are available in two versions: the single version (e-LNE) and the  twin version (e-LNTE). Electric pumps with cast iron pump body and impeller in AISI 316 stainless steel entirely welded with laser technology. They are suitable for hot or cold, moderately aggressive liquids.


Flow rate: up to 330 cu.m/h
Maximum height: 89 meters
Temperature of the pumped liquid: from -20 ° C to + 140 °
Power: from 0.25kW to 22kW

How to select proper circulator pump?

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