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Category: Airmec electric generators


A portable generator is a great item to acquire: being prepared in the event of a power outage is a very valid concern and electric generators are suitable to operate in an emergency.
Pippohydro.com sales the best Airmec current generators on the market.
"Airmec Engine Applications" is a sector of Speroni S.p.a that concern with gasoline, mix-oil and diesel engines employed in energy production.
Such generators are characterized by excellent reliability and good fuel consumption.
The company has a wide range of products  ready to meet all domestic, industrial and farming needs. It offers also machineries up to 250 KW on request.

We always give technical support  to our customers.

How to choose the right generator for your need:
1) For a good choice you need to pay attention to the values in KW (kilowatt) or in W (watt), instead that in VA (Volt Ampere) or (kilovolt ampere) KVA.
They do not have the same power. For example: 3KVA (3000 VA) = 2,16 KW (2160 W).
2) If you need to power electronic equipments, it is important to know if the generator has an inverter (that changes direct current to alternating current) or an AVR board ( that gives stability to the values of voltage and frequency, independently of the load and the speed of rotation of the motor).


Please choose a product according to your need

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