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Category: Hydropompe - Grinder subersible pumps


Submersible grider pumps branded Hydropompe for dirty water - Sale & Service

vendita prezzi da ingrosso offerte su pompe sommerse per acquenere, pompe con trituratore

High professional grider pumps for waste water. Suitable for the treatment of water in both domestic and industrial use.


The FTR sub pump for diry water has a pre-mounted crusher that grind the waste into a fine slurry. For this reason this kind of pump is ideal for pumping wastewater with fibrous solids, paper and fibers; it can grind them into tiny fragments, allowing the passage also through small diameter pipes.


A wide range of wastewater solutions: 
Speroni, CaprariDab, LowaraLeporisHydropompeEspaPentair waterBBCEuromatic, Ebara, Arven and Calpeda sewage pumps for sale, on Pippohydro.com.
Pippohydro's drainage pumps are designed for maximum reliability and a long lifetime.

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