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prezzi pompe sommerse generatori pompe sommerrgibili per acque sporche addolcitori per acqua depuratori raccorderie valvole

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is the most representative e-commers in the field of hydraulic and water treatment


The Pippohydro.com website is dedicated to all those who want to save money finding the best products on the market; for DIY lovers; to customers who seek, verify and find the solution that suits their needs.

vendita elettropompe pompe sommerse addolcitori per acqua generatori poltrona benessere generatori di corrente idraulica raccorderie ottone raccordi zincati offerte prezzi schede tecniche

Electric water pumps - Submersible pumps for clean and dirty water - Sub pumps for wells - inverter - pressurization groups - electric generators - air compressor - valve - accessories - hydraulic items - depurators and much more...

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Submersible pumps - Sale and support
Founded in 1968, Lowara is one of the leaders in the electric pump market. This brand is synonym with "innovation" and "quality", "reliability" and "excellent service". It offers advanced solutions for water supply and water pressurisation, in residential, industrial, agrucultural applications.Its range covers the submersible pumps for wells with floating impellers (GS Submersible, centrifugal, multi-stage 4" pump)
 apt to be coupled to 4OS submersible motors; the Z6 submersible pumps in stainless steel apt to be coupled to L6W submersible motors; and the self-cooled  water pumps (the Scuba series) with suction from the bottom (Bottom Suction Pumps) for domestic applications: proposals also with three-phase power.


elettropompa sommersa pozzi caprari offerta pompa sommersa al miglior prezzo acquisto garantito sicuro da venditore top seller sollevamento acqua da pozzo con pompaSubmersible pumps for wells - Sale and support

High-efficiency multistage submersible electric pumps available in a wide range. Compact and stainless, they combine power and reliability owing to their pioneering type of construction (three exclusive patents) and the quality of the materials used to make them.
The Caprari E4XP pump series assembled to the MC motor: comply with Directive 2009/125 / EC (EcoDesign - ErP). The operating characteristics are guaranteed according to the ISO 9906 ABLE 2B. Last generation product. Maximum energy savings.

Sub pumps and sub motorscaprari, dab, espa, pippo, speroni, ebaralowara, bbc, euromatic, lebas. 


Surface pumps - Sale & support

elettropompa silenziosa per casa espa confronta con 3hm3 lowara uso domestico
Pippohydro.com sales the best surface electric pumps on the market. It offers a complete range of pumps for residential, agriculture and industrial applications.

Suitable for water supply, irrigation systems, water boosting, water purification plant and much more. 
Pippohydro's pumps are from very professional companies, like CalpedaCaprari, Dab, Lowara, Leporis, Ebara, Espa, Pentiar , Euromatic and Speroni. It will guide you during the pre and post purchase services.

We provide products and solutions for all types of water systems.


Diesel and gasoline motor pumps

motopompa giardino irrigazione benzina o diesel miglior prezzo di vendita acquisto sicuro motopompa autoadescante a scoppio motopompa diesel

On Pippohydro.com for sale the best motorpumps on the market: Airmec, Leporis, Pentair Flotec.
"Airmec engine applications" is the branch of the Speroni group that follows the petrol and diesel engine pumps.
All these motorpumps are distinguished by high performance and high reliability. Professional and efficient, they are suitable for agricultural and domestic applications.

The wide range includes dirty water trash pumps, centrifugal pumps, self-priming pumps, motor pumps with cart.

We will guide you during the pre- and post- your purchase.


Lift station systems for dirty waters - Sale & support

The boosting stations for sewage and wastwater are the union of septic tanks and submersible pumps. This systems are used when wastewater must be delivered and gravity drainage is not possible, or when gray water must be taken to sewer mains located at a higher level.

miglior prezzo stazione di sollevamento fognature elettropompa pompa a immersione acque nere acque sporche acque luride liquami sollevamento da fossa settica impianto di sollevamento acque nere

These lift stations can be coupled with Lowara sub pumps with and without float switch, grinder pumps or Domo VX series.
A lift pumping station provides an efficient  way of installing a drainage system. Dab sewer lifting stations are suitable for pumping of liquids like waste water or sewage from areas where drainage by gravity is not possible.

The Espa DRAINBOX collects, stores and delivers waste water to the sewerage manifold with easy installation and high efficiency. Suitable or domestic application, detached homes, cottages, second homes, rural properties, stores, restaurants, workshops, etc.
On Pippohydro for sale also Calpeda sewer lift stations, bbc sewer lift stations and ebara sewer lift stations.

Submersible pumps for dirty waters - Sale and support
elettropompa pompa a immersione acque nere acque sporche acque luride liquami sollevamento da fossa settica

Professional domestic sewage water pumps banded Dab, available in a wide range of sizes to fit your needs. Suitable for pumping sewage with suspended solids and filaments in domestic and light industrial applications.
The Dab sewage sub pumps are available in two versions:with electric float switch and without float switch.
Dab domestic sewage sludge submersible electric pumps, used for boosting waste from households, small communities, industry or agriculture. 

On Pippohydro.com you can find wide range of sub sewage pumps suitable forresidential and civil applications.


On-off pressurization with an electric pump with start-stop devices

pompa per autoclave dab divertron 750 1000 1200 elettropompa automatica per casa prezzo scontato al massimoOn Pippohydro for sale electric pumps with pressure switches, presscontrol or others pressure regulators. Particularly suitable for domestic, civil, agricultural and industrial applications.

The booster units with a pump are equipped with an electric pump and an automatic on/off device, essential for the start/stop management of the electric pump.
In automatic electric pumps the start/stop management device is directly integrated into the product.

Pippo electric pumps - Sale & support

Pippohydro.com offers surface, professional, electric pumps.

pompa per autoclave girante inox elettropompa pompa di superficie pompa silenziosa

Available the HMP series, characterized by very low noise and opposed-impellers.

These multi-stage centrifugal pumps are suitable in domestic and industrial applications. They are very robust and reliable pumping systems. 
Easy to install and operate Pippo pumps are very professional products. 

Surface electric pumps are used for pressurization in domestic and residential applications, in small irrigation systems, gardens and  greenhouses. They can be used as an integral part of an autoclave system or as a boost system, to lift the water in tanks.

Also available on Pippohydro for sale the WQD grinder pumps for waste and dirty water.

Portable generators
generatore di corrente gruppo elettrogeno motore a scoppio con alternatore ad elevato standard qualitativo airmec
Pippohydro.com sales the best and cheapest portable generators on the market.
Wide and professional range of portable electric generators (gasoline, diesel, mix/oil). 
Pippohydro's products are from well-known companies, like Airmec, Leporis Norwik Power and Genmac.
These products are characterized by great performance and low power consumption. They can be used in domestic, industrial, nautical, camping, and farming needs.
Pippohydro.com always takes care of his customers needs: he provides both pre- and post-sale technical support.


Dab Eurocover pumps
elettropompa svuotatelone piscina dab eurocover svuotatelo offerta al prezzo miglioreOn Pippohydro for sale the Dab Eurocover submersible pump.

This professional automatic pump is design to increase stability and the possibility of operation in positions not perfectly perpendicular to the soil.
Suitable for autumn and winter use on top of swimming pool covers, to remove rain water and prevent the cover itself from breaking due to the heavy weight of the accumulated water. 

A good price is an important requisite but quality and warranty are essential.


Pippohydro's compressors
An air compressor converts power into energy stored in pressurized air.
Abbacchiatore motocompressore raccolta olive
The wide range of air compressors proposed by pippohydro.com, includes products ranging from standard hobby series to professional series with vertical tank.
Airmec Air Compressor, meets all the needs in the field of compressed air production with highly innovative products.
The Power Line series compressors are equipped with a handle and wheels for easy movement. The automatic operation is regulated by pressure switch and check valve. 
Suitable for tire inflation, both for cars and motorcycles, for home and gardening.

The Airmec compressors innovative and professional products, perfect for privates, artisans, merchants and street vendors. All these (single-phase or three-phase) compressors are CE compliant; they also are equipped with 4-stroke petrol engine.


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